Ghosts or Demons

21 01 2013

When I was about 15 years old, I was vacuuming the hallway and when I looked in my bedroom there was a little blonde haired boy, I’m guess about 8 or 9, standing at the foot of my bed.  I jumped around and when I looked back I didn’t see anything.  I even looked to see if there was something there that would make me imagine a blonde haired boy, sure enough nothing.  I instantly started crying in fear.

Now I was 25 and now on my own going to school in Florida.  One night I looked up from my bed and I saw this really dark demonic shadow woman standing at the kitchen counter looking at me.  I started praying out of fear and “she” went away as I fall back asleep.  I know that this was not an extension of a dream or anything like that.

Can someone that is a Christian, like myself, believe in Ghost? Is it “ungodly” to believe in such things?  I think not.  I feel that there are demons for show i.e. the woman at my counter but I also believe that there are Ghosts that are lost.  I will defend this belief until God himself tells me other wise.  I know what the Bible says but to me it is not 100% clear.  I would someday like to go on a real “Ghost Hunt” to see if I can get answers.  For all I know every “Ghost” is a Demon.  I really don’t know but I would like to find out.

Feel free to leave comments and any thoughts you have.