Most Random Ive Been

17 01 2014
This is my random blog post of the week.  It will not make sense but then again I am senseless. 1st I would like to give my respects to Russell Johnson AKA The Professor from Gilligan’s Island who passes away. 2nd I was told by my boss “I like the new and improved Eric.”  Today was my 1st day back in over a month and I had to close which I had only done once before.  I would like to say that it was all because I kick butt but it does help when management helps you out.
I don’t know what tomorrow holds but I hope it is going to be great.  I don’t know what the rest of the week hold I hope it will be great as well. And I hope the rest of the month will be WONDERFUL.
I was thinking the other day how many people actually know who I am yet I do not know them…Almost one time every week someone tells me they know me and I leave still having no clue who they are.  On that note…I know that a lot of people like me and there is only a few that don’t.  Regardless if you like me or hate I am me.  I will not change based on who I am around or what I am doing.  I have “groups” that like me but they would never get along with another “group” that likes me (I don’t know if that makes sense). 
I am hoping this is going to be a year of 1st for me.
God Bless and Enjoy this New Year.  



One response

17 01 2014
Pam Fifield

Eric you can do anything, but it is you knowing that you can do anything with Christ that is going to get you there. Everyday is a choice and you get to decide. The journey is not easy but the peace is worth it.

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