Sex-A sneak peek

1 06 2013

A sneak peek into a documentary that I would like to do and am hoping to get an “ok” on to do.


The act of sex is a very private matter, however the temptation of and falling into sexual sin needs to be a open matter. I myself as stated before in this blog have had a struggle to porn. This is a consent struggle for me as a believer in Jesus Christ. However, I have another reason to write this instead of talking about my struggles which I have already done before. My issue is with the Church (Body of Believers) as a whole. We as the church(Body of Believers) need to be open about these struggles in everyday life. Struggle that face everyone everyday. My struggle with porn is not an isolated case that is one in a million, but rather this is something that every church(building) has a member struggling with. I’m not just talking about struggles with porn but struggles with all types of sexual sin, lust, fornication, masturbation, homosexuality or even adultery. All of these are things that in general we want to keep to ourselves because it is related to having or thinking of sex. The Church (Body of Believers) needs to be opened about these matter because lives can depend on it. There are people in the church (building) that have these struggles but don’t want to tell anyone about it because they are afraid of being judged. When in reality there is someone else there that can possible help then though the struggle and maybe even lead them to Christ which will help them even more in this daily battle that we all as humans face.




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