18 01 2013

Angels fell so why can’t men that were saved.  The whole once saved always saved I no longer believe.  I feel you can lose your salvation.  I only say this because of my own personal experiences.  I got saved in 2008 and I walked the path that God wanted me to until last year.  I started going back to what I knew and what I liked, Porn, One of the unspoken things that binds people up.  The last year I haven’t heard God or seen God.  I wasn’t seeking Him and I didn’t want Him.  I liked what I was doing and I could justify it, so than it must have been ok than right? Either way I was not with God and I was at a state where I was “Lukewarm” Rev 3:16 says “So, because you are lukewarm–neither hot nor cold–I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”  If God is going to “spit” someone out of His mouth than to me that translates to not getting into Heaven which equals loss of salvation. 

Please leave any comments you may have.  This is just one believer’s thoughts about something that will be debated until the end of the World.




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18 01 2013

He wants you back.

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