27 09 2012

Backsliding a state in which a saved one goes back to their ways before their salvation and feels even more regret than before they accepted Jesus. This is a state in which many people when they get there often have a harder time coming back to Christ because of the guilt and shame they have caused.

Often people have debated that if one is in a backsliding state that they in fact of lost their salvation. I personally have a very mixed feeling about this. As one that is coming out of a backslid state I cannot say that I lost my salvation but rather rejected it. This is a choice I made compared Christ taking it from me. As soon as I wanted it back, it was right where I left it at Jesus’ feet, when I turned my back on Him. The next question I have gotten when people have found out that I have been in this state is “What happened that you stopped doing what was right?” I have to respond with the truth which could be answered with the question “I stopped doing what was right. I stopped getting into Jesus’ word known simply as the Bible and stopped praying.” This is not an easy thing to admit to the World that I have failed. Many people that have known me for years would not be surprised and might tell you that I am a failure. This is even what I feel as I am coming out of this state, but Christ’s word says different. It doesn’t say that when a sheep goes astray that He doesn’t do anything because they are a hopeless failure but rather He goes after them. He came after me but not in a way that I would have liked. I got kicked out of my mom’s house because of the stupidity that I did, then afterward my friend bailed on me that I was supposed to stay with, but God allowed that all to happen so that I could go back to where I started at Teen Challenge. God had to “break my leg” to keep me from wondering even more. Once I was heal a little I was able to come back to Him some more. I still haven’t made it all the way home to His arms, but either way He is calling me and holding His arms out for me and has a feast ready for me. So parting all denominational difference aside as far as eternal security and take it from someone that has gone astray and “Don’t every leave the arms of the loving Father that called you once. Don’t test him and continue finding the joy and love that is Christ.” You have been warned please don’t test the limits.




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