Love Vs Fear

22 08 2012

I dont know if many or any will agree with this statement but today in a time of prayer and worship it came true to me.

We shouldn’t “fear” people into salvation, but “love” them into it. Not leading them to accept Jesus out of fear from hell, but rather leading them to accept Him out of His love for us.

I say this because for me, I feel like I wasn’t lead to accept Jesus out of fear. Rather once I accepted Him, I was worried about going to Hell more then I was with spending time with Him. In eternity we are going to be enjoying our time with God and not worrying about if we are going to Hell. In Hell the greatest pain we will have is that we aren’t with God anymore. I know from personal experience that once I took my eyes off the eternity that I will have with God and focused it on weather or not I was going to go to Hell, is when I started to stumble and eventually I fell. I now realize that I need to put my focus on Christ and Him alone.

Even if the World says that it is okay to fall, God doesn’t. Christ says “Yes, you messed up. However I am here for you and will forgive you if you come to me with a truly repented heart.” True repentance is truly a hard thing to do. I am staying this because one first needs to realize how bad off they are without Jesus in their lives before they will turn their lives back over to Him.

Anyone can tell you it is not an easy thing to admit when you fell, but if by sharing this can help someone else it is well worth it. When we fell and hide it from others we are not only hurting ourselves but others. If we do not share with others, they too may fell into the same traps. I want to help a helper and not one that hinders another. So please if you have overcome share if you, haven’t realize without the one who created you you wouldn’t be here, and if you haven’t fallen take this as a WARNING.

I could use prayer as I am right now this day trying to turn my focus back over to Christ and nothing else. Thanks and God Bless




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