Just read if you want.

26 06 2012

I haven’t posted in a LONG time.

This is because my focus has not been where it should. I’ve been struggling with selfishness. I’ve been distracted because of the thing around me. I am not where I should be. I’ve lost my way. There is only one thing I could do and that is go back to the feet of Jesus. It has been a long journey getting back there because of the stuff I have to go thru. The stuff I am and will have to go thru is my own fault. Stuff like possibly homelessness and getting over the depression that I am back in. However, tonight is the first time in a while where I feel like I’m getting a foot back in the right direction.

I will do my best to keep this updated again. All I can say is that Jesus is still waiting for me to give up ALL OF MYSELF to him and I am still holding stuff back. Why I don’t know but I am and with His help I will turn over everything and the stuff I dont realize now that I am.

God Bless until the next time.




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