Thinking back

11 03 2012

I haven’t blogged in a while. I can’t say for sure why, I just haven’t.

A lot has gone on in the past a few weeks but I want look forward to a special day in my life. That date is March 22nd. This year will mark 14 years since my family was in a car accident and the start of what I call a month of hell. Not only was I in the accident but my mom and I were rushed to the hospital.

I went because of chest pain which was a major deal because I was scheduled to have open heart surgery on April 22nd, so having chest pains made a lot of people nervous not to mention my mom was going to the hospital with a cut on her knee down to the bone. We both turned out okay, not great but Thank God we are both alive.

The Friday before I had to go to Boston, MA for my open heart surgery, I was rushed from school to hospital for chest pains. I was checked out at school by an EMT and my heart skipped a beat and that is the main reason why I had to go by ambulance to the hospital. I remember being nervous because I thought if something was wrong that I wouldn’t be able to have the surgery (The way a 11 year old’s mind works) after wards my parents explained that if anything it would be done sooner.

Now it was April 22nd exactly one month from the car accident and I was in Boston. I had the surgery and thank God I made it out. There was of course a lot of pain in the recovery and now I do have a stomach condition (maybe for the rest of my life) but considering the other side of being dead I think I am will off.

Praise God for the challenges in our life and for Our Life.     




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11 03 2012

Saying a month from hell is a under statement. It took a toll on the whole family, but God was still there to take care of us even if we weren’t looking for him. amen

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