What a Weekend

12 01 2012

Rough? That might be the one word that could describe last weekend for me. I was at my dad’s and he is known to be late for everything. However, I had a flight I needed to catch in Plattsburg, NY to Lakeland, FL, the flight was to leave at 7pm. This turned out to be the one time when my dad was on time in fact we got there at 4pm. We said our good-byes. I went up to the counter and found out that check in wasn’t until 5pm.

If you have ever lived in the Northeast you know how the weather can change quick. By 5pm, the weather turned to freezing rain and two other flights got diverted to Burlington, VT. The people for the airport came out and told us because of the overflow of people beyond the security check point they could not check us in for an hour or two. About two hours later they came out and said that the flight was canceled. A lot of the people were not happy. Still not too bad you think? Not even 15 minutes later they came back out and said “The flight may or may not be canceled.” Thats when everyone including myself got mad. We were informed that the airline will not help us out in anyway not even with a taxi needless to say with a motel. That was all around 9pm.

Hours pass and the Sheriff’s department informed me that the airport will be closing at 2am, which is the normal time. That left me with no where to go because I can not afford a motel. One good thing is that the Sheriff department did give me a ride to Wal-Mart. 4 Hours at Wal-Mart can go by pretty fast. I thought it would be a horror show. Here I was with my suitcase, backpack and laptop in a shopping cart going up and down the isles. The people that work the graveyard shift there were really nice.

When 6am rolled around I had to take a taxi back to the airport. My flight was not supposed to leave until 10am so check in was at 8am. What could I have done for the 2hours? I finished my Pizza I had from the night before and played games on Facebook.

At 10 we got checked in and went though security. We then had another long wait. During that time I tried to get a drink out of the vending machine and the drink dropped and blocked the thing from opening, so I wasn’t able to get it out and no one else was able to get any other drinks. We were supposed to bored the plane at 10 and we didn’t do that until 10:45. Then I got to Lakeland finally and my ride wasn’t there because he had to work and with my flight being delayed it screwed everything up. So I was stranded at Lakeland airport without a ride. I asked to use a phone at a restaurant in the airport and surprisingly they said yes. I called everyone that I knew had a car for a ride and no one was able to give me a ride. When I got off the phone from my last call a worker at the restaurant heard me mention my school. When he found out that I needed a ride to campus he gladly offered a ride when he got out of work in an hour.

Sad thing is this is the short version of it all.

God Bless




One response

12 01 2012

Oh my! What a day, indeed!

But what a wonderful opportunity to practice 1 Thes 5:18! ^_^

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