Why God?

16 11 2011

What is the plan God has for my life? I ask this question on an almost daily basis. I don’t know exactly in the short term but I know in the longer term what it is. I just wonder if my dreams I have now will happen. I am nervous that they won’t but I also am trusting in God that if my dreams don’t come true that I will be happier than if they do.

On a whole separate note lately I have been reminded of stuff that God has shown me. Stuff that scares me and makes me question why He has shown it to me. The first was when this girl in my town was kidnapped, raped and killed by her uncle. That night that it happened I had a “dream” where I saw it happening. The only difference is that I thought it was someone else. The next morning I went to my mom’s apartment and we decided to watch the news. The picture of the girl came on t.v as missing and instantly I knew everything that happened. Even though it wasn’t who I thought they look alike and inside I just knew what happened.

Another time, I was at a place where there is to be no drinking alcohol. Again one night I was sleeping and had a “Dream” that to of the guy were caught drinking and that I was waiting for a third to tell me that he too had been drinking. Wouldn’t you know I thought about telling a group that was going out to fund raise but I thought it was just a dream. Some to find out two of the guys did get caught although again it wasn’t the same people in my dream it was still the same number of people. Months later another guy confessed that he too had been drinking (just like in my dream).

There has been many other situations where stuff like that has happened but they were small and always not good. I have wondered so many times why God would show me this and why I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. Now, I do realize that with the drinking one MAYBE if I was to say something and not just think it was a dream then the guys would have not been drinking that day. On the other hand I believe God is sovereign and even if I was to have said something then they still would have been caught maybe just at a later time or even that same time. Either way it leaves me with a lot of questions that I would like answered and I do believe God will give me the answer but He most likely holding off telling me until I am able to handle it.

Thanks and God Bless




One response

16 11 2011
Sweet Rains

Hmm… interesting. God has spoken to me through dreams, too, but not premonitory dreams like yours, except maybe one which was more of a warning of Satanic attack against my marriage and family. Others have been for comfort and direction. The main thing to remember about dreams or any outside communication/manifestations is that they must line up with the Word of God. If it contradicts His Word, then you can be sure it is of another spirit. Joseph was an interpreter of dreams, so it is not unlike God to commission someone to do so for His purposes. I pray the Lord will open your understanding regarding your dreams and how you are to interpret them.

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