Update I guess on of the last weekish

8 11 2011

I havent put up a blog for a while it seems so I figured I would type and see what came out. I am hoping it is blog worthy. I have had a tough week last week so many things happened that were small but seemed like a mountain. I felt a lot better after talking to people. Seem of my friends that helped me out with Beth, Jhaquise, Eric(no not me), Mariah and more. I am so thankful for my friends and without them I would probably not still be here today. I have also realized that I really need to work on not caring what other people think of me. I am still in the spot of where I am afraid of rejection but I keep putting myself in a spot to have that happen.
Seems like everyone now is either dating or talking about dating and I think of how I have never been on a date and how I really wouldn’t know what to do or say on a date. All I know is that I think I agree with one of my friends. I was saying that I don’t want to date anyone until I know that I am going to marry them (which I think is great because I don’t want to get hurt and waste my time and I don’t want to do that to someone else either), but I had a friend who brought to my attention that everything changes when you do start dating(it is hard for me to explain typing so I won’t). I know that I have a very kind and compassionate heart and I sometimes fell like thats a bad thing, but I know that God will use it for His glory and it will make my wife whoever she is feel very special because next to God she will get the rest of my love.
I have also got my next semester set up. I again only am going to have 4 classes which is 12 credit hours. I talked it over with my adviser and he thought it was a good idea too. So I will have classes MWF from 12-1250 College Algebra 1-1:50 New Testament Survey break from 1:50-3 3-3:50 Intro to Business and then 4-5 English Comp 1. Note:NT Survey might be the time of Intro to Business and vise-versa.
I guess that is all right now keep updated. Thanks and God Bless




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8 11 2011
Sweet Rains

It blesses me to hear that you have such good friends. And I think it’s a great idea to wait on dating until you’re ready to get married. It’s so important that you develop a good, strong friendship first, and just as men in ancient times, as well as Christ with His bride, prepares a place or at least is able to provide, more men of this generation need to have that mindset so a couple can enjoy life together instead of having to stress unnecessarily over finances.

11 11 2011
Jason Northrup

How are you going to know if you want to marry somebody if you don’t date them?

11 11 2011
Sweet Rains

I guess the first question would be what is the purpose of dating? Is it just to be with someone or to anticipate physical intimacy to find out if you’ll ‘fit’? Or are you mentally, emotionally, and financially ready to get married and want to find a wife?

As I understand things, men want a woman who can be a companion he can have fun with and rely on, so the first step is just to be friends and hang out with other friends. Get to know each other in social situations first. See how she relates to others and how she treats you and other men. If possible, get to know her family, too, and she how she interacts with them. Does she show respect for her parents and you, as well as for herself? Get to know her by simply talking with her. Do you share the same values and goals? If there is a genuine attraction to her as a person, and you think you could actually marry this girl, then by all means, ask her on a date. 🙂

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