I guess you can call this a poem I call it “The Pain of Christ”

27 10 2011

The Pain of Christ

We think we have it tough
We think just because we get attacked verbally
or just because we get laughed at.
We think we have it rough.
Just because people leave us all alone
we feel like no one loves us.
We think it’s unfair.
Just because someone gets away with something and we don’t.
I will tell you what is rough and tough.
Getting whipped
Getting spit on
Getting called a lair
Getting a crown of Thorns pushed on your head
Getting your side pierced
Now do we still think we have it rough?
I think we have a cake walk compared to the pain Jesus Christ felt for US.




One response

2 11 2011

You should read this at the poetry reading. ^_^

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