I typed this up like a couple of weeks ago and now just posting

18 10 2011

I’m sitting in this room with five other guys and yet I still feel alone. Its only because I am listening to music while they are talking. While I am listening to the music I have been looking at facebook and realizing how much I miss Teen Challenge NEW JERSEY. I don’t miss the work but I miss the friendships that I gained there. There is just so many people there that I love and care for. When I was looking back I saw how many new brothers are there now compared to when I left. The house has filled up a lot and God is doing so much at that center and I believe its because of the GREAT Leadership team there have there. I wish at least Todd and Samantha would come down and visit or some how on a break I could go up there and visit them. I am VERY grateful to God for putting Todd and Sam in my life. Both of them are Great People of God. They encouraged me and they show love to all the people there. I have to say all the Teen Challenge I had been at New Jersey was by far my favorite. To think I almost didn’t get to go there. Thank God he had another plan. I may not have too good of a driver in Jersey but I got the job done.




2 responses

22 10 2011
Jason Northrup

You want to go back to New Jersey? You’re one twisted son of a gun.

22 10 2011

Just to the center(I don’t want to walk around the center).

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