Oct. 17th,2011—Friendship

17 10 2011

I haven’t done any writing for a while now. I feel almost lost. I have been having a great time down here and have made some great friendships that I know will last even after college. The song “I can only imagine” keeps coming to mind so I figured what better song to start the free write than that one. There was one day I listened to this song and ended up writing like a 3 page letter to my mom. My grandma thought I was a great writer after she read it, but it was only the spirit moving me to write it.
I am thinking about starting to write an auto-biography but I highly doubt that I will. I really hope things keep improving down here over the next couple of weeks and so on. I really needed to press into God more and one of my friends are making making me do exactly that without even knowing that they are. I was signing during worship and I realize how much I like when Jesus is called Emmanuel and how it mean “God with us.” As I was typing this I am listening to MercyMe “God with Us” it was totally unplanned. Speaking of unplanned I got to go to Unplaned Improv the other day and actually got to go up on stage it was great.
One of my friends makes me want to be the best I can at everything I do. Those are the type of friends you need around you. I always want to look my best. I am more careful of what I say and do. I am just overall more aware of myself and try to not put myself down as much.
I don’t really know what else to say, there is a lot more but I need to be careful of what I say and how it is said, and that is hard a lot of times over writing weather its like this or even texting (which I found out this week). But I hope you all have a great time until I write again—God Bless.




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17 10 2011
Sweet Rains

It’s true; those are the type of friends we need around us. Can I quote you?

17 10 2011

Of Course

18 10 2011

Wonderful freewriting, Eric! I’m so proud of you! It’s stunning to see how much you’ve grown as a writer in just a couple of months. Your faithful persistence in the course and obedience to Christ’s calling is allowing Him to work so beautifully in you and through you. Keep writing!

And, by the way, you could always consider writing a 50,000 word autobiography the month of November. It’s not a novel, granted, but it would still count for my class. 😉

Ms. P

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