Was it really weird or really God?

14 09 2011

Was it really weird or really God? If you read my last post you would see where I quoted out of Jeremiah 29:11. I started listening to christian music and heard a song that I ended up looking up on youtube and the video is about adoption, which made me cry by the way. That lead me to another video also about adoption and the 1st thing on that video is Jeremiah 29:11. I always wanted my own kids but now I really would consider adoption. I got to thinking that like many people I can have both or if its God’s will just adopted because they will be mine. They would be mine not because I had them but because they will be a gift from God. I of course want my own kids but if God has other plans for my than He has a willing person. After watching multiply videos I don’t see how a person would not be willing to adopt. There are so many lost children out there from babies to 17 year olds that need a family to call family. They need the love because of the reject they have faced. We are called as Christians to love, what greater blessing is there than to show the Love of Christ to those who don’t know what love is. We have what they are looking for, the one that fills the void they have, Jesus Christ. We need to show love and as the scripture says “…What you have done to the lest of these you have done unto me(Jesus).”

I thought I was going to say a lot more but I guess I’m done. This makes two post in one day. I hope you all got to know me better.

Thanks and God Bless




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14 09 2011

One HUGE reason is cost. It is extremely expensive to adopt, even internationally, in addition to all the normal costs of having a child. There is also an obscene amount of paperwork and waiting time. There is a reason some people try to adopt and end up having a baby while waiting, the wait can be a long time, especially for a newborn.

If it is done domestically there is always a chance the birth mother will back out last minute, it happens quite a bit.

Then there are women that really want to breastfeed their newborns. While it can be done with an adopted baby it can be extremely difficult and there are no promises it will work much less actually sustain a newborn.

There are plenty of reasons someone wouldn’t want to adopt.

20 09 2011
Sweet Rains

Yes, it is nice getting to know you better. I agree with Shannon. I understand why the authorities don’t want to make adoption too easy, but at the same time, it does take an obscene about of time and resources, making it difficult for many who would like to adopt but simply do not have the means. I believe, however, that God can supply the need. Sometimes we just have to seek His face and step out in faith.

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